Opti Loss



Opti Loss is an excellent slimming and body sculpturing cream. Contains active herbal extracts  that  over the years and through centuries of tradition  and scientific documentation they act synergistically, with their application to the skin.
 Opti Loss for:
• Anti-cellulite
• For slimming.
• Beautifies your figure
• Steels your senses.
• For Lipolytic action.
• Inhibits intracellular lipid accumulation in differentiated adipocytes.
• Helps eliminate orange peel
• Stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
• Detoxifies skin cells by promoting proteasome activity
By applying OptiLoss in just a few minutes you feel its action by feeling the heat generated through the start of the sculpting process.
It contains a complex of active extracts of coffee Arabica, horse chestnut, ivy, camellia, grape, red pepper and many nutrients for the skin. Natural extracts harmoniously matched to a cream base, olive oil extract, without chemicals, to give you health and beauty!